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We have used Embrace for several years and now have our third dog enrolled. Our first dog Tater, a sweet and big hearted chocolate lab, recently passed away at the age of 2. In the short time of 2 weeks he succumbed to a rare auto-immune disease which no medicines helped. Before that he spent 6 months of his short life in a kennel recovering from elbow dysplasia operations. We were blessed that for a year prior to his death enjoyed the life of a bird dog, hunting and hiking.
We would have never been able to see him run in the fields and swim in the lakes if it was not for Embrace. They helped us through both ordeals and never once indicated any concern about the procedures. We received written condolences on our loss and they reimbursed all his vet bills. They are very caring about our pets.

I can only say, any reviews from dissatisfied customers are most likely because those individuals were trying to receive coverage after the fact, when they did not deserve it, or they did not follow the simple directions for the submittal form.

We will continue to use Embrace and we hope we our other dogs never experience the pain and suffering Tater went through. He was a saint and never complained. We will miss him greatly.

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