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I have had our five-year-old dog insured with Pet Plan for 16 months. Unfortunately our dog had a growth come up on his upper gum that required removal; it was diagnosed as a (benign) gingival polypoid hyperplasia. The surgery was on 3/4, the diagnosis came back from the lab on 3/11. The vet and I got all of the paperwork in to Pet Plan by 3/23. I received our check in the mail on 4/4 in the exact amount I had calculated and expected! It was that simple!
I am a research "nut" before making any purchases or decisions, so I had really done a lot of homework before selecting Pet Plan. This was also the plan recommended by our vet based upon clients' experiences.
We are using it as a "major medical" type of policy rather than a "wellness" policy. I appreciate that Pet Plan allows the policy holder to select the deductible amount as well as the co-pay amount. I pray we never need to file another claim, but it gives me great peace knowing how responsive and professional Pet Plan is every step of the way.

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growth on upper gum
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Cocker Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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