Not what every said on here.

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I bought this insurance for my Bulldog. He had issues a couple weeks after the wait period where he needed to have his soft pallet worked on. They took longer than the supposive up to 15 days... they took about 20 days. They also denied him stating that the vet said "She wondered if he had this issue" which was never mentioned to me. Also they tried telling me that Asparted (Spelling) Pnemonia is a symptom of Enlongated Soft Pallet. There is no medical documents proving this. Dogs can get this from eating to fast (bulldogs!!) and drinking to quickly. It was just a very bad experience! I cant believe that there are this many good review for them.

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Enlongated Soft Pallet
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 05/24/2011

Embrace has been exceptional! Words don't even begin to express the "WOW" that accompanies having your pet covered with Embrace. My pup suffered bilateral hip dysplasia. Not only did Embrace cover the FHO (surgery), they cover the rehab as well. This allows my pup (only 8 months old) to have the best shot of recovery available to him. Rehab is very expensive -- worth it clearly -- but no small claim. Not only is this covered the reimbursements are so prompt - in some instances less than 72 hours - WOW. Customer Service is awesome, every representative I speak to is knowledgable and kind as well as caring - another WOW! Then get this WOW -- they provide exceptional coverage. Not all providers cover the things that Embrace has. I did my homework when selecting this insurance. I had a very unfortunate experience with another pet insurance provider. So I learned a lesson the hard way with that other carrier. I know what I speak as to providers and Embrace - WOW -- they are AMAZING and offer a SUPERIOR product. This provider has allowed me to get the best care for my sweet pup and believe when I say -- not all insurance companies are that way

Posted: 07/08/2011

Why are negative reviews by customers often followed by suspicious glowing comments about Embrace? These planted comments give me pause about purchasing pet insurance from companies that feel the need to answer every unflattering review with company praise rather than address the issue.