Great service, great options, very good coverage.

Out of 10

I came to Embrace after dissatisfying experiences with two other pet insurance companies. I was attracted by the flexibility of plans and by the fact that the payments weren't preset by a schedule sheet-but rather by the the actual cost of procedures. What I wasn't expecting was the excellence of the customer service and the speed of payments. More importantly, the amounts reimbursed are usually exactly what I expect-and in some cases higher! Over the last year I have also enjoyed logging on to the Embrace face book page and getting to know the team in charge. They are real pet lovers and the conversation is wonderful. My only complaint is that as Embrace has become bigger it has changed a few things, such as introducing the wellness and the dental savings plan. I liked the earlier versions better, although it does seem that from a business perspective the more recent versions make much more sense and do help keep the overall prices down. I currently have 3 cats insured with Embrace and certainly would recommend Embrace to everyone who wants to insure their pets, and my great experience with Embrace has convinced my vet to let her other clients know about the great service Embrace offers.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Devon Rex

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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