Foreign-Body Surgery Claim A Success

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This is the first time I have purchased medical insurance on my pets. Gracie is my treasure and I did not ever want to have to make a sad decision based on having to spend money on vet care. She is less than 1 year old, but when she developed an infection, it turned out that a seed, a foreign body had migrated (perhaps introduced by biting on sticks) and lodged above her right eye. Pets Best covered $75 of the surgery and medicines (the entire claim was $192 with a $100 deductible). Given the severity of the situation, it could have definitely cost more. This helps me to see that should something even more serious happen, she has a good plan that instills confidence in me. If you are shopping for coverage as I was, remember that certain limitations apply after your dog is one or two years old! So getting insurance the earlier the better will save you money and allow you to use it should hereditary breed problems arise. PetsBest costs me 20.01 each month for her (that's the price of lunch) and is underwritten by Aetna, a national company with a good reputation. I did not select the Wellness options since spaying and shots were a given but I wanted to protect her from expensive unforeseen care. Other plans were quite a bit more. This seemed like the best value that offered Illness coverage in ADDITION to Accident. I plan to keep PetsBest on her as long as I can, who would have known she would have been using it so soon? She is a woodsy girl who loves to play outside and sticks

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Foreign Body Infection & Removal Above Eye
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Terrier Mix

Age of Pet
Under a year

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