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On Christmas Eve my dog Boris was involved in a altercation with my cousin's dog, and Boris's ear was torn almost completely in half, we rushed him to emergency and over $900 later his ear was sewn back and thankfully healing very well. I called Pet Plan on Dec 26th and they kindly guided me through the claim process which I might add is a very simple and easy process. I emailed all the required documents and within 2 weeks no questions asked I received the full amount less my deductible. The $900+ vet bill costed me only $100 out of my pocket. When I first purchased this plan over 3-4 years ago I did research and Pet Plan was on the top with rave reviews about the service. Now that I have a real life experience with Pet Plan I can personally vouch and say the reviews were right on target. You can easily get a quote online and purchase the policy within minutes. The quality of service and the coverage I give Pet Plan a A+. I highly recommend this policy to everyone out there because you just never know what can happen with your pet, and how can you compromise your pets health? Thank you Pet Plan!

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Altercation with another dog
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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