Never had any problems, claims were a breeze.

Out of 10

We've been with Vetinsurance for about 4.5 years, signed our beagle pup up when we first got him. 3.5 years ago, we adopted a dog(1.5 years old) and signed him up as well. We had no problems signing up our new dog. The premium for our newest addition was a couple of dollars more (he was older at the time of enrollment), he had no pre-existing conditions, so he has full coverage just like our puppy. We are very pleased with the service, over the years we have filed probably a dozen claims (combined for both dogs), and received our reimbursement quickly, with no hassles. The claim summary you get with your cheque is broken down for you clearly, and you know exactly how much is covered. We couldn't imagine not having insurance for our dogs, the vet bills can be crazy! It's very reassuring knowing that we can get the best care possible for our pets.

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Ear Problem

ingestion of foregin object
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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