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Quite a few years ago, we purchased a policy for an elderly friend's German Shepherd, knowing our friend was on a fixed income. We were the ones financially responsible for the policy at all times. VPI did pay a couple of claims, which was helpful. But when our friend had to go into a nursing home, she signed the dog over to us, and that was witnessed by 2 people who also signed the document. We asked VPI how to get the policy changed over -- told to send in a copy of the document that signed the dog over to us. We did that, no problem, believed it was handled. Then I needed to update the credit card that paid the premiums -- and discovered I could get zero info on the policy as it wasn't in my name, still in our elderly friend's name, though of course VPI was glad to keep taking my money. Meanwhile, a year plus has gone by and the elderly friend has dementia. VPI is now insisting that *she* sign their official form, but of course, as she's demented, this ain't happening! They inform me that I should get a power of attorney to sign it. Their assumption that everyone who becomes demented a) is declared incompetent; b) has a power of attorney to choose for them -- well, it just isn't so. Meanwhile, the dog -- who has been insured all along! - bloats, so I have a legitimate claim. But can't file as I don't own the policy though I pay for it, and of course the demented owner of record of the policy can't even remember she had a dog never mind file a claim. VPI was singularly unhe

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