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We have had VPI for about a year now. We are very satisfied with them. After shopping around for Pet Insurance VPI had the best for our needs. One of the thing I would tell folks is the younger you can get your pet insured the better. We insured Mariah at about 8 weeks or so. VPI is fast, fair and I do believe very courteous. Anytime we have had questions they have been very quick to answer them. The reimbursements are fine and what we expect. Be sure to read the exclusions and be sure to ask ALL your questions up front so that you won't be surprised. What we enjoy soooo much is the Care Guard for the routine things. We have Major Medical and Cancer coverage as well. But it was the routine plan that we were so pleased with! We just took Mariah in for her routine care and it was $177 and some odd cents! Sooooo, we are pleased to know that we will recover some of the expense. What we look for in an insurance company is professionalism, kindness and patience. And we believe we have found that in VPI!!! Thank you VPI for being there for Mariah and us as we embark on this journey with our sweet little girl. It is an emotional comfort to us knowing that if anything seriously wrong should happen to her... you will be with us through it!

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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