would never go without Petplan insurance

Out of 10

I got Petplan insurance in August 2010 after spending $5,000 on surgery for one of my dogs. Unfortunately I have already submitted two major claims. The first was from one of our dogs attacking our other dog (100% covered after deductible). The second was cranial cruciate repair (ACL in people). The knee surgery was 80% covered because we went to a specialist. The reimbursement however was still over $4,000. Petplan was efficient and courteous processing our claims. I had been wary in the past because I had heard a lot of negative comments about multiple loopholes and lack of coverage in many circumstances. I chose Petplan after researching on the internet and reading multiple stories from satisfied pet owners. I can truly say I have been thrilled with Petplan and will never go without coverage from Petplan again!

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cranial cruciate repair, dog fight wound surgery
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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