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After years of having cockers spaniels and never having pet insurance I realized how expensive it is when one gets very ill. I have had bills in excess of $5,000 when my previous cockers spaniels were ill. My husband and I were not aware of pet insurance and when we became aware of it our doggies were too far up in age to get pet health insurance for them. They have since passed on and are in doggy heaven. Since than we have two beautiful female cocker spaniels named Lelani Rosita (3 yrs) and Victoria Irene (2 yrs). They are our hearts. When we got them as puppies I immediately did research regarding various health plans for pets. After my research I decided to go with PetPlan and I tell you it was the best decision my husband and I made. My Lelani Rosita started having some back issues approx six months ago, and she was treated on and off for it with medication. A little over 3 weeks ago she could barely walk and was dragging her back legs. I took her to our local vet and upon checkup it was determined that she may have possible back disc problem. She was than referred to a specialist. Upon taking her to a specialist, various tests were performed to include blood work and mri. Based on the MRI it showed she had Invertibral Disk Disease. We were devastated because we knew that if we did not take care of this she could end of being paralized. U see my husband is a T3/T4 paraplegic disabled veteran. Thankfully she had surgery and came through with flying colors. I

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Invertebral Disc Disease
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Over $1000

Cocker Spaniel

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1 - 8

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