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In 2010, my dog, Sadie, developed a mast cell tumor on one of her back legs, and six months later, I found one on her left ear. Both had to be removed surgically. I probably could have afforded one, but two surgeries in a year would have forced me to max out my credit card and apply for another one. On top of all that, because Sadie (at nearly 9 years old) is still extremely playful around other dogs, she suffered a cruciate ligament tear in her back leg earlier this year. This required surgery that was even more expensive than the tumor surgeries. PetPlan came through again and again and again and saved the day. I don't like to think of the situation I'd be in today if someone hadn't recommended PetPlan a couple years ago. And in this economy, with job security at its shakiest in decades, pet insurance is a no-brainer, in my opinion. (Also, because PetPlan helped out so much, I was able to afford a pet stroller for Sadie until she's able to walk again, much to the amusement of neighbors.)

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Mast cell tumors, knee injury
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