Worst experience EVER - Petshealth Care Plan

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A word of extreme caution to anyone considering Petshealth Care Plan insurance, or any other insurance, for their pet. Look at the policy very closely for language regarding "Plan Renewal Date" and "Continuing Coverage".
Our dog was insured for four years. He was generally healthy and I had very few claims. The claims I did make took at least 4 weeks to be processed. Most of them were not honored for one reason or another. The two that really upset me were our final two claims.

We had taken our injured dog to Emergency care for an injury suffered late in the evening on Jan 31. We then went to his Vet on Feb. 1 for a treatment plan. The result was a determination that expensive surgery would be necessary. I called my insurance company for a pre-authorization and was told that any claims would not be honored if submitted. The reason, because the injury happened before our plan renewal date (by less than six hours) this was now considered a "manifested" condition (aka pre-existing) and would be denied.

After many long hours and consults with Vets we were faced with the painful decision to euthanise our pet. I submitted the claim for the procedure and waited to see what they would do. Today I recieved their reimbursement of $4.

Never again! Pet owners should be wary of Pet Insurance providers and make informed decisions.

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ACL/CCL, Luxated Patella
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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