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Cher(standard Poodle) was outside, I called her she didn't come I went out and saw immediately that she was bloated, we went to our vet asap, and he sent us to another vet 75 miles away, She did survive, due to the excellence of the vets. She is 11, so her policy is over $700.00 a year but the bill was over $5500.00. I was reimbersed 3/4 of the bill, which is really alot for any company even a human company, the information was submitted and never was it questioned, they promptly sent me the checks, I was suprised at how much they paid but what a relief, I have a small non profit animal rescue, shes not a rescue she is my dog, so I was not sure where or how I was going to recoup this money to pay my other bills. Having this policy helped me tremendously and they prompty paid me. Also I have it on the other 2 dogs that are my own, everytime I get a vet bill, I get notification when they recieved the bill, and prompty within 2 weeks I get my insurance check. I have not ever had any complaints with this company and only great experiences. But the biggest bill I ever had was this last surgery, I thought there was a way they would try to get out of paying, as even human insurance companies do, but no, it was a easy experience and I got my check prompty. I highly reccomend VIP Insurance and have referred several people to this company. Prmiums are high especially with multiple dogs, but reimbursement is high also.

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Over $1000

Standard Poodle

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Over 8 years

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