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I am a veterinary technician and am the proud owner of two young kitties. I have owned pets all of my life and have been in this field for about 12 years. I have never been inclined to purchase pet insurance in the past because it has so many loopholes such as "per incident limits" and exclusions, such as cancer, or recurring illnesses, that I didn't think it was really worth it, especially sice I work in this field. When the rep came to talk to our hospital about Trupanion it was hands down the best Pet Insurance that I had ever seen. I started to think about the times when my animals got sick on the weekends, overnights, and holidays when I couldn't take them into my hospital, or when I would need a specialist, so I decided to give Trupanion a shot.....boy am I glad I did! My youngest cat ingested a foreign body (my son's foam building blocks) one week later, and there I was, in the emergency hopsital on a Sunday night at 10:00 pm. Long story short, she was hospitalized for 3 days and ended up having surgery to have the object removed. Trupanion covered 90%! That was 6 months ago, and my very unfortunate, (and not so bright)little kitty just had her second exploratory surgery for eating something else she shouldn't have, and Trupanion covered it all. The x-rays, ultrasound, surgery, hospital stay, all of it. I enrolled with Trupanion in the summer of 2010 and have paid ~ $250 dollars total, for both cats policy's. Trupanion has paid me about $10,0000 in return, and it didn'

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