Covers more than others, but competitive price

Out of 10

I chose Embrace pet insurance because it covers a portion of the actual vet cost (not a standard cost that my vet always seems to exceed by a large margin) and because it offers a Wellness component and orthopedic coverage (for a large breed dog, it is essential). The purchasing process was simple and the communication in setting up my account and transferring the necesssary information was well supported by Embrace staff. The website offers a chat function that has been truly helpful to me, answering any and all questions I had in record time. My communications with staff have felt very friendly and "small business" as opposed to the feeling like an asnwering service that wanted to find ways to complicate the process or deny claims. I stangely feel like they truly care for the health of my pet. That being said, my first claim went through in just a few days. So far, everyhting with Embrace has surpassed my expectations and encouraged my future purchase of policies. Highly recommend.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
Under a year

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