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Simply put, probably the best interaction I have had with ANY insurance carrier. Cooper broke his canine and it required a root canal. We had bought the policy right when we got him at 9 weeks and never had used it until his accident. Root canal for a dog is even more expensive than for a human as there are only a few specialists that do it. Healthy Paws was happy to help, didn't fight the claim at all, just asked for the supporting documentation. The procedure was covered as advertised and Cooper is back to his old self with 3 1/2 canines. HealthyPaws actually wanted to help, worked with us, didn't make us feel like we had to fight them, and even followed up with a note about a week after his procedure to see how he was doing. Highly recommended and already have had 2 other friends purchase it as well.

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Labrador Retriever (Yellow)

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1 - 8

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