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I had a claim on my Bull Terrier for foreign body obstruction. The case did not require surgery, fortunately, and the amount PetPlan needed to cover was less than $1,000. PetPlan, however, stalled and delayed--requiring my vet's office to fax over medical records and bill sheet no less than FIVE TIMES and then asking me to fax the bill sheet again before they would even consider reviewing the case.
I found that talking to customer service was no help--they would just say that until the paperwork was complete, there was nothing they could do. When I asked what was missing, the customer service agents admitted they did not know. I asked them to please review the information they did have and finally, we both figured out that what appeared to be missing were the medical records from my BT's puppyhood. I explained that my dog was a rescue and as such, those records simply were not available. I explained this to several customer service agents, none of whom really seemed to know what to do about the matter.

Finally, I spoke to NORMA (x 1311) who understood my dilemma and said she would personally take care of it. She apologized for the long delay and said this is not PetPlan's normal method. She made a call to the claims department on my behalf and the claim was okayed for payout two days later.

I thought this would be the end of things, but the check did not arrive. After two more weeks, I called again, trying to find out what had happened and...apparent

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foreign body obstruction
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Bull Terrier

Age of Pet
Under a year

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Posted: 01/25/2011

this is terrible, did your dog get better? did the insurance ever honor your policy/