Not bad but price increase is not "occassional".

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I enrolled my pup about 5-6 years ago, when he was still a baby around 9 weeks old. I paid around $33/month for many years until the company changed over from Vetinsurance to Trupanion. Since then, my monthly rate has increased without fail each January, when they notify me that I must pay around $5 more per month usually starting on the 2nd of each new year. As I've come to dread, I received an email today that says my rate will increase once again come January 2011 and it makes me wonder if it will ever stop! My new monthly premium will be almost $50/month. This time, they say I can decide to start paying a deductible to decrease my monthly cost. The thing is when I signed up for this plan I was told I would NEVER have to pay a deductible, and no mention of inflation or rise in vet costs effecting this. Since Trupanion took over, it's changed every year without anything I can do about it. I understand that the cost of veterinary care has gone up but if this continues by next year I wont be able to afford it anymore. This is upsetting because my dog is getting older and will probably begin to actually need veterinary care in the coming years. YET, I footed all this $ to this company while my dog was still young and healthy and now I'm feeling like if I dont switch to a plan that involves a deductible my rate will continue to go up each year with no cap. The claims I have submitted in the last 5 years have averaged $20-$50 a year, which is less than the cost of my new monthly

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