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Before purchasing insurance I specifically inquired re what the company defined as a pre-existing condition. I specifically asked if a dog had ever had some form of illness/problem but had gone away/been cured and it later reoccured whether that would be denied. I used allergies and ear infectiona as examples. I was informed (and I'm paraphrasing) that as long as the issue reoccurred independently at a later date it should be covered.
Trusting this was true I purchased a policy in October 2011. Sadly, a month later my dog developed 2 bumps on his legs, which initaly the vet thought was allergies/alleric reaction. However, several visits and tests later they determined he had 2 mast cell tumors and he had to have surgery. I submitted the surgery and vet bills re these tumors and they were denied! Re the allergy issue, Pets Best claimed he had symptoms of this condition prior to the policy. Re the mast cell tumors they claimed that the condition had to have started before the policy given "the amount of time such a condition takes to develop?!" Really?! The bumps occurred almost over night and my vet said there is no way to tell how long/when this started. In case you don't know, anything in animals can take time to develop because unlike humans they don't talk and tell you what's wrong nor do you have regular check ups. So basically this excuse can be used to deny ANYTHING because how long does an ear infection or a cyst or a bladder infection, etc. really take to de

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Posted: 07/13/2012

Chryssa, I hope you see this. I'm seeing a common trend in reviews that discuss the "pre-existing condition" exclusion. "Can often be present for months" does not mean they *were* present, so claim denial in this case seems arbitrary at best. While I am not happy with VPI for my two dogs, the recurring theme of pre-existing condition denials for conditions with an unclear date of onset is the reason I am not becoming a Pets Best customer at this time. Perhaps a future puppy or kitten would make sense for Pets Best, but not pets I have insured for years.

Posted: 01/09/2012

Hi Erica, we hope your dog is recovering quickly. No pet insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions, including tumors, which can often be present for months before becoming apparent to the pet owner. This is one reason we encourage pet owners to insure their pets as soon as possible. Thanks for being a Pets Best Insurance customer – we look forward to helping cover vet costs for your pet’s future needs.

Posted: 01/30/2012

Chryssa, help me to said "can often be present for months..." Even their vet said there is no way to tell when they started. So isn't it very conceivable that the tumors appeared after their policy started? To the owner, if you had your dog seen on or soon after your pet was covered with insurance, I wonder if any exam proved the tumors weren't visably present.
This can be a bit frustrating because I can see where Pets Best is coming from...yes, it's possible the tumors were there, but there isn't proof it was pre-existing, especially with the vet says there's no way to know when it started. It sounds like you are saying anything that possibly be pre-existing even without proof won't be covered. As a policy holder I am thankful my pets have been covered for a few years so hopefully "pre-existing" won't be a reason any of my claims are denied ;-)