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After researching various insurance options for a healthy 5 year old bloodhound I chose Embrace because of the recommendations of other dog owners, the variety of its plans and the fact that payment is based on the vet's actual bill and not some unpublished schedule of fees. I actually liked the fact that when you sign up you fax your dog's medical records and Embrace will tell you upfront what they will not cover--if you don't like the answer they will give you your money back and allow you to cancel the policy so there are no surprises. Soon after I took out the policy, which I thought I would not use much, it seemed like every other week my dog came down with something--including an unprovoked attack by an off leash dog that required surgery. I honestly thought I would get a letter canceling the policy or hassle about the claims but to my amazement Embrace was great and their process allows you to follow a claim. When I or my vet fax a claim I receive an email acknowledgement that it has been recived. Within a few weeks or less I receive the analysis of the claim and the payment due to me (with the name of someone to speak with if I disagree) and shortly thereafter I receive a check. And periodically I receive an email to make sure I actually received the checks. Embrace covered everything they said would cover and there have been no problems because of these unforseen health issues. I strongly recommend Embrace. Every penny of their premiums are worth it when your dog g

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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