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We have three dogs covered by VPI insurance. The first two policies are the lower cost with a 50% reimbursement after the deductible is met. VPI has been very consistent in paying our claims at the stated rates on those two policies and turnaround is usually about three weeks. Our third dog, Winston, has a premium policy for which we pay an additional $6/month. It has turned out to be worth the extra few dollars and we are considering upgrading the other two. Winston recently was sick on a weekend with a serious GI infection and had to be seen at the emergency animal hospital. The total costs for treatment ended up being about $1200. At first we were concerned that we were not going to be able to recoup our losses on the insurance as our claims were initially rejected by VPI pending further information. However, after sending in Winston's medical records from all three of the vets he has visited in his young life, we did finally get a reimbursement for about $950 which we were very happy with. We are serious dog lovers. Winston is our little fluffy angel. Our three dachshunds bring us so much joy. We bought VPI pet insurance policies for our dogs when they were puppies so that we would never be put in the position of choosing between a life saving procedure one of them may need some and money. Our recent experience with Winston showed us that we made the right decision.

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