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I make $718.00 per month on SSI and SSDi. I “HAD” a Yellow Lab for less than a month (3 weeks). She was going to go through Service dog Training for me. I am Disabled and currently have a Service dog that needs to be retired. I figured it was a good idea to get the insurance on this Yellow Lab. I thought I would have the dog for years to come because the dog was going to become a Service dog to replace my current Service Dog. Well 3 weeks the dog was pulled from Training. I now no longer have the dog at all. I still have to continue paying the $29.95 monthly service for the next year for a dog I no longer have... I also cannot Retire my Service Dog that is going blind at this point Amber my German Shepherd Dog (GSD)... SO I HAVE TO PUSH my current Service dog because the insurance company will not allow to let this one situation go... Amber is licensed registered and Bonded to be a Service dog went through the CGC, Public Access, test and does proper tasks for me. I feel Banfields pet insurance company is HORRIBLE, horrible they have no consideration for people WHO lose the dog that was going through training to replace her current Service dog and they force the disabled owner to continue to pay for a dog they no longer own after just one visit with their insurance… It is SAD AND WRONG…

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She was a service dog in training and was pulled out of training
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Under $100

Labrador Retriever

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Under a year

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Posted: 08/09/2012

I'm so sorry for your situation, but in fairness to Banfield they clearly state that they DO NOT OFFER INSURANCE. What they offer is a "Wellness Plan" which is a plan where you get a LIMITED number of preventative services (vaccines, fecal exams, blood work). Everything is clearly stated in the contract agreement that you sign before enrolling in the plan. It also clearly states that it is a contract for ONE YEAR and is explained so by the doctor.

Posted: 10/21/2012

@ Banfield Employee, you people are cold hearted gold diggers!! I too have had a horrible experience with your "Wellness" group. They are rude and heartless!! It is only common sense that if you no longer own something you don't pay. Do you pay for your auto insurance after you sell your car, even though you may have a 6mth or 1 year contract??!! Do you pay for home owners on a house you have just sold, even though you have a 1 year policy??!! UM, NO!! That is the most ridiculous answer I've ever heard!