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I recently put in our first claim with Trupanion. My gsd was diagnosed with pancreatitis, it came on extremely fast and was scary! The customer service at Trupanion is great and when I asked how I go about making a claim the woman i spoke to was so helpful that I asked about some other issues we had with our staffy. She was adopted 3years ago and recently had a pellet surface in her face, we had the pellet removed and never thought about putting in a claim because we thought that would be considered pre-existing. The woman I spoke to told me to file the claim because we didn't have previous knowledge of the injury. Our claim was initially lost, once I called it was cleared up rather quickly and both claims were paid out. My only complaint is that our rates went up a couple days later.

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

German Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 07/24/2012

Hey Janna-
I'm glad we were able to give you such a great experience, and got your claims cleared up quickly!

I did want to clarify your premium adjustment for you. While the coincidental timing does make it seem like the premium adjustment is linked to your claims, I can assure you our prices NEVER adjust due to claims you file or your pets getting older. As veterinary care advances and the way people utilize available care changes, we need to adjust our premiums accordingly.

We've got a great video on our site where our CEO Darryl explains how we set our prices, and when/why they may change:

Take a look, and definitely give us a ring if you have any questions!