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I had never had a dog before, so when we got a puppy last year, I was strongly encouraged by all my dog-owner friends to buy pet insurance. I shopped around and decided on Embrace, mainly because they are a local to me company and I try to 'shop' local as much as possible. The first year with Embrace was just 'so-so', it was largely due to me learning the ropes & understanding how the policies work. I decided to go ahead and renew the policy, upping my "Wellness" benefits, where there is no deductible but a set amount for reimbursement. Now that I understand better how the policies work, I am much happier with my coverage. In short, anything having to do with 'prevention' like flea/tick applications, routine shots and exams, etc. goes under "Wellness" with NO deductible and is reimbursed in full (up to your specified dollar amount). Anything related to sickness, worms, injury like a sprained leg, etc. goes towards the regular insurance policy WHICH HAS A DEDUCTIBLE BEFORE you get reimbursed. I'm going to stick with Embrace for a while longer.

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routine exam and shots
Claim Amount
$100 - $500


Age of Pet
1 - 8

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