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I have had this policy for my dog for 6 months, previous to the policy he had been seen by a vet for a possible poisoning, he was dizzy and disoriented with nausea and lethargy for 2 days and no diagnosis was made. 2 weeks ago he got ill and had no nausea or vomiting and he was better within an hour but Embrace said since 2 of his symptoms were the same and 2 weren't its considered pre-existing and they won't cover anything for him now that causes any of those symptoms. They emailed me to tell me they've denied all 5 of his claims because they think he had a neurological issue prior to having insurance... funny thing is that the claims were for a hospitalization and several liver tests because that's what the vet thought his latest visit looked like. But looks like no matter what they're gonna find a way not to pay on most claims, BEWARE!!!! Customer service was rude when I asked about claims, I gave a 2 because I'm Guessing they don't post reviews with a score of 1.

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Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 05/05/2011

I have this insurance and EMBRACE is truly amazing. They have paid every claim promptly. As for the customer service I have never been exposed to a NICER, SINCERE, KNOWLEDGABLE staff. My experience with Embrace has always been wonderful and they cover my 4 dogs.

Posted: 03/27/2016

issues with the liver can cause neurological signs. So with the previous neuro signs not fully diagnosed, unless liver was specifically ruled out (ALT, clotting panel, mucosal bleeding time, bile acids tests) the company can't assume that the current issues weren't the cause of the previous issues, thus pre-existing.