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I've got three furry friends all covered by Pet Plan and while I have used the insurance before several years ago and was impressed this time blew me away. My eldest, Willow, became anemic over night and I rushed her to our vet who immediately sent us to the specialist ER clinic for a transfusion and monitoring. They did a battery of tests and after several days ruled it was a rare immune meditated disease. Willow was released after four days and is on a number of medications with regular follow up blood work to monitor. Pet Plan has covered it all (less my share) and we are currently at about $7,000 with more to come. Not only did they cover it all they have called and e-mailed to check on Willow and to ensure that I received my insurance check...REALLY! I am blown way at the customer service and care. Receipt of the money in less than two weeks after submission is fantastic but knowing that people care about you and your beloved pet is priceless. Thank you Pet Plan!

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severe anemia due to immune disease
Claim Amount
Over $1000


Age of Pet
Over 8 years

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