Embrace HORRIBLE doesnt pay claims on time

Out of 10

I've spent $100 a month for embrace pet insurance for my 2 dogs. Both occasions of submitting claims (Small claims) that were less than $150 each... they have made more excuses in not paying them on time. I had emails saying 10 business days, then i'd call back, be told on Friday, then i'd call back a week later to be told they had a new computer system. I had more excuses, and horrible customer service. They swear they follow up with you but say they "Dont leave voicemails" when i had no missed calls. Finally after I threaten to leave and go to someone else, they shoot me a termination letter out of my coverage effective immediately and pay my claim. I AM HIGHLY UPSET and will contact an attorney. Its a fly by night, dont trust them. These reviews are probably ppl who work for them.

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Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Labrador Retriever

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/31/2011

I was so surprised to read this. I am an Embrace customer and do NOT work for them or any insurance company. I was just leaving a review for their prompt and thorough coverage and decided to read other's reviews. This experience is totally unlike the experiences I have had. My dog has had 5 claims this year (bad year for her health) and all 5 have been covered without a hitch and exactly as advertised. I recommend Embrace highly!

Posted: 11/28/2011

I like Karen B was surprised to read the original review as well. I do not work for Embrace or have any ties to them, but feel compelled to write this to share my experience with them. I have nothing but great things to say about Embrace as they surpassed my expectations. I have only had to submit one claim this year. The Embrace staff was very professional and were true to their word. I would highly recommend Embrace.
It seems too often that you only hear about negative interactions. I feel it is important to share the postive ones as well, hence the reason for my reply.