If you have pets, you must get insurance!

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I adopted 3 rescue kittens when they were 4 weeks of age in 2017. After I got them home, I searched online for pet insurance (this is the first time I have had pets) and Healthy Paws had good online reviews so I went with them. It's a good thing I did, one of the rescues (Mittens) recently developed bladder stones (she's only 2.5 years old) and the vet said surgery was the only option. With Healthy Paws insurance, my final out of pocket cost was $1,600 on a $6,300 vet bill. Getting pet insurance was probably the smartest decision I've made -- the monthly premiums are quite low for the 3 but when a health issue arrives, you will be so grateful that you have insurance.

Healthy Paws processes the claims very quickly (it's all done online) and it couldn't be easier.

A+++ all the way. I (and Mittens) really appreciate Healthy Paws!

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