The "pre-existing condition" fiasco...

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My experience with Petplan has been that they will go to great lengths to deem something a "pre-existing condition," thereby excluding any issues from being covered. We adopted a dog that was not in great shape in April 2010 and got Petplan in August. Because a note in her vet chart sites a cough and runny nose in April 2010, Petplan has excluded a case of tonsilitis in March 2011- eleven months later- and has stated that any tests/illnesses related in anyway to the throat or upper respiratory system will be excluded. Because she had a thin coat and questionable skin health in April 2010, Petplan has made a lifetime exclusion for any illness, test, or medication that is at all related to her skin/hair... which includes many many ailments that plague dogs. So, my point is this: ANYTHING in your dog's medical chart WILL be used against you. Make sure you have the healthiest dog on the planet before signing up for Petplan or else nothing will be covered.

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Skin problem


oral exam, throat scope
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/04/2011

What pet insurance doesn't do that. Scammers. I have24petwatch and after recieving a bill for one visit of $400 some, submitted(of several). I was told until I paid vet charges balance - all up front, along with my monthly $65 prem. fees, there would not be any insurance payment. Why do peopple get any insurance? Wonder if its because the can't afford the costs! I have paid around $5000 for vet visits and the the ins $780, makes me wonder if the $80 check I got is worth it.... only kidding! I am done with any as it all exists to be profitable not helpful or it could be.

Posted: 05/23/2011

I am experiencing this same problem right now with them for my cat's ear infection that I submitted a claim for. Months ago when I adopted him and took him in for his initial visit, they cleaned his ears and said he had black debris. He was not diagnosed as an ear infection, nor was I given any meds for him at that time. Now, months later, when he did get an ear infection, they are trying to assume from the "black debris" back then that this is a pre-existing condition.
I work in an animal shelter and "black debris" is common and present in many cats' ears. It does not necessarily mean that is always an infection. They are making this assumption and reaching for any excuse to fight you on what to pay out. I would say get a statement from your vet and keep fighting / calling.

Posted: 11/29/2011

Thanks so much for this review! My dog had skin problems as a puppy, which have completely cleared up through a change in diet. No skin problems for almost two years. However, due to the fact that her chart lists a dietary change and the skin issue from her puppy-hood, Pet Plan would probably refuse to cover anything having to do with skin or gastric issues for the rest of her life! NOT acceptable. I'll go with Healthy Paws instead. Thanks for the warning. I wish all reviews were this useful.