Stay Away, they increase monthly premium exponentially.

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Trupanion is quite deceptive when you ask this question prior to signing up "Do monthly premiums increase as your pet ages?", they'll say no... because they don't call it age related. They'll tell you there's tiny increases at the cost of vet care goes up. My cat has been on Trupanion for under 1 year, she's currently not even 2 years old. She had one claim for diarrhea. I got a notice today that her monthly premium is going up by over $8 a month effective next month. Unreal! They cited increasing costs of veterinary care.
My other cats are with Pets Plus Us and I wish I'd signed this girl up with Pets Plus Us too. Pets Plus Us does take 2 - 3 weeks to process claims... but my others have been with them for 4 1/2 years and never ever ever have I seen their monthly premiums go up like this! One of my cats with Pets Plus has over $20,000 paid out by them and his monthly premiums have never ever increased like this. Their monthlies increase by a couple of dollars each year. I would be very leery of signing on with Trupanion... don't be lured in or fooled by their quick claim process time. They won't be long term sustainable for a lot of people.. with how their monthly premiums raise.

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