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Last winter I had to put down my beloved Mocha because she had cancer that wasn't detected until it was too late. I had decided not to investigate why she was losing weight because I could not afford to-- I have a disability and live on a fixed income. She suffered silently for weeks before I even took her to the vet. When I adopted my new dog, Leo, I vowed never to be in a situation where I couldn't aford tests. I investigated pet insurance options, Trupanion had a monthly premium and deductable combination that I could afford, and it had the most coverage--90% of actual costs. I also liked that the premiums would not go up for submitting claims or as he got older. Three months after I adopted Leo, he got a potentially cancerous growth on his paw, but this time I could tell my vet to surgically remove and biopsy it.
The customer service at Trupanion was excellent. The representatives on the live chat were able to tell me that the fax of Leo's records had not been received, and I had time to have the vet resend the records the same day [the vet had misdialed.] They then called me to let me know the fax had just come through. Two days later the claims adjuster called to explain which expenses could becounted toward the claim so that I would understand why the amount I was awarded was a little diferent than what I requested. A few days later I got my check along with a clear writen explanation of benefits, just in time to pay my credit card. Leo's bioposy

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suspicious growth on paw
Claim Amount
$500 - $1000

Australian Cattle Dog

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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