Diego and the bag of raisins

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I never considered medical insurance for my cat. But during her life, she has needed bladder surgery; daily injections for diabetes; daily medication for a thyroid condition. I have spent tens of thousands of dollars on her over the course of her 18-year life and fortunately, she's still going strong. But when my daughter brought a tiny puppy home from her semester abroad in Baja, Mexico, (he came here legally, through customs, with a vet's approval and the proper shots.) But I knew if I was going to keep him, he would have to be covered by insurance.
Because Diego was born in a swamp and was starving, he is a little food-obsessed. I guess the fear of starvation never goes away. At the beginning, we came home more than once to find broken dishes and bowls and lots of missing food. So now we are very careful to keep things in the kitchen out of his reach. Unfortunately, sometimes I don't get everything as far out of the way as necessary.

I knew when I got home from a morning exercise class a couple months ago and saw an empty raisin bag on the floor I was in trouble. It was a 2.25 lb. bag from Costco and when I left it had been almost full. Fortunately I knew raisins and grapes are incredibly poisonous to dogs, so I immediately called my vet. They made me call Animal Poison Control, who gave me a case number and told me to get Diego to my vet as soon as I could.

I know now it was a serious emergency and that if I hadn't acted quickly, Diego most likely

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