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A few months ago we lost our beloved 13 year old cat Perry. Being a military family, Perry supported me through several tours of duty separations including my husband's deployments to Iraq... so this totally broke our hearts. A couple of months we adopted a beautiful kitten we named Schonau, a sweet boy who really started to ease the pain of losing Perry. The day we returned home from our Thanksgiving trip Schonau started a series of seizures that we have yet to get under control. The pain of losing our greatest little love and the thousands of dollars spent (and we are still paying off) in the process, is only exacerbated by the fear of losing our new little one and the additional thousands of dollars that we have just incurred over the last 3 weeks. With all of this stress, financial expense, and the upcoming holidays we thought we would have to cancel gift giving this year, but I am so glad that I made the investment of insuring Schonau under TruPanion. We are still trying to find the cause of the seizures and trying to save his beautiful life and it was such a relief to know that Trupanion covered 90% of his vet bills. We were worried that we wouldn't be able to afford anymore care for his ailment and we now have the hope that we can continue to support our little Schonau. Because my husband and I had determined that we would forego any gifts this christmas in order to help afford all of these vet bills, Trupanion truly saved our christmas. I am so glad that I signe

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