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I got pet insurance for my cat when my friends cat got his tail chopped off in a door, poor kitty right?? Well she had to pay about 1,500 for a tail docking surgery and different meds. When she told me about that I immediately began thinking about things that my cat,Tiger, does. WOW he is one all way the place cat. on the table off the table runnung and slipping thru my rooms ( i have hard wood floors), also a dog that plays rough! What if something like that happened to my Tiger?? I couldnt afford that and have no credit cards that i could put any expense like that on. Soo I went to the vet to get him his normal shots and i saw the pamphlet for ASPCA healthcare for cats. I looked through the pamphlet and then decided to go online and "check it out." I was looking for accident insurance which is very inexpensive and is perfect for wat im looking for. I decided that I needed to call my fiancee and see what he thought about the insurance. I wasnt off the computer 2 minutes when the phone rang and an ASPCA represative called and said " i noticed you just checked out insurance for tiger? do u have any questions?" and since i did it was soo awesome to me that they called and actually asked me if I had any questions instead of having to wait to call them and be on hold for a represative. So far i havent had any "accidents" but I'm glad that my baby boy has something in case he does fall and hurt himself.

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