What a Lifesaver!

Out of 10

Our dog Frisco had a recent bad run of events that left us with significant vet bills. My husband in unemployed and we are living off of a single income making ends meet. Thank god for the pet insurance, it has been a lifesaver! It was tough to take on the vet bills but working with a great company like Embrace helped to ease the pain. We have always been able to get ahold of someone when we had a question and they are wonderful at emailing confirmations and explanation of benefits for all the claims we submitted. If only our personal health insurance was so clear! Thanks Embrace for offering such wonderful service to help us take care of our furry family members, I recommed them to everyone we meet!
The 9/10 was just because our first claim took 15 days and a phone call to follow up to get processed...but when they did, they took care of all of our claims at once, even one we just submitted a few days ago!

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benign tumor removal
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
Under a year

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