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I chose this pet plan over Trupanion (which I have for my other dogs and recommend *highly*) because I thought he might be at risk for hip displasia and they have some coverage for it. Also, he came with coverage from the shelter where I adopted him. He was 4 months old when adopted, and pretty healthy.
Then I started looking into the policy -- ever increasing deductibles as the dog ages and up-front deductibles. My dog got into a porcupine and had quills removed in an emergency clinic. The bill was $468, and I got less than $100 back, because of the yearly deductible. (Compare this to Trupanion, where I would have gotten back 90% of all but the $65 vet fee.) That shocker, combined with the fact that the deductibles would increase as he ages, and the fact that he was pretty healthy, led me to cancel the insurance. And I'm glad I did. He tends to get into trouble about once a year, and the annual deductible would have kicked in each time. Anyway, I recommend Trupanion over this company.

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porcupine quills
Claim Amount
$100 - $500

Mixed Breed

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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Posted: 10/05/2011

I spoke to trupanion regarding, they take the deductible off per incident, not per year. So if you have a 250 deductible and your pet gets sick twice in one year with different things you are out of pocket for $500.