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I picked PetPlan after hours of perusing testamonials and insurance sites and it proved to be as dependable and good as it looked!I`d never had pet insurance before but decided it was wise as we`d adopted a young rescued Cavalier,who we then learned could develop several bad health problems related to the breed.She developed seizures,which are not uncommon,and became very well-controlled.But the pinnacles of coverage and empathy came when our 3rd dog,another female(never again 2 females) rescue,attacked our Charlotte...At first we were going to rehome the 3rd dog,who hadn`t shown any aggression toward Charlotte for 8-9 months...then a Doberman owner suggested that a trainer could help and we opted for that,as we loved the 3rd dog dearly as well.The day before the trainer was to come the 3rd dog managed to get the muzzle off(for the first time) and attacked Charlotte again.That was a nightmare!...With emergency care Charlotte seemed to be doing well and we were optimistic but she died 6 days after her injuries.The offending dog ended up being put down so we lost 2 of our 3 dogs within 5 days...Through it all,Petplan was like a true friend,empathizing with us AND reimbursing us thousands of dollars within 2 weeks...Knowing that they cover for the animal`s lifetime and cover genetic/congenital problems we would never even consider another pet insurance company.We unequivocably recommend PetPlan US to any prospective or present pet owner.No problems...extremely effi

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dog attack
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Over $1000

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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