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I'm grateful, very grateful. My Dachsie is 7 months old and so full of life. I chose to get her a coverage as early as 8 weeks old. A feiend recommended this pet plan and i took his word for it thinking i may not need it but if i did i wanted to know that i had her taken care of. The premium was affordable and so was the deductible. Little did i know that Nettie would develope an eye problem which really bothered her a lot. I took her to an eye specialist who after 2 visits and some treatment decided that a surgical procedure was inevitable. Nettie's medical records were faxed to the claims dept along with the cost for the visits preceding the surgery. The staff at the claims dept kept in touch with me via emails telling me exactly what information was needed and when will the claims be paid. I was stunned by fantastic customer service which i would rate a perfect 10. A check was mailed to me after a couple of weeks and all i can say that not only is my Nettie as good as new but i am happy too to have been treated with respect, in a professional manner and i will continue my relationship with this providor for as long as my Dachshund is alive. I know i have nothing to worry about.

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Eye problem

Claim Amount
$500 - $1000


Age of Pet
Under a year

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