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We got insurance for Shehalion (Halley) our mini-schnauzer when she was a pup. Used it mostly for the regular well-baby stuff. UNTIL, she started vomiting yellow bile one night; by morning she vomited her breakfast (nothing interfers with her appetite:-}) and kept on until the vet opened and I got her in. Vet couldn't stop her, took her to a specialist. X-rays and MRI later (and a scary possible diagnosis of a "mass") she was scheduled for surgery to remove a peach pit that had been in her stomach, and finally lodged in her small intestine. I submitted *several* pages of bills, from two different pet hospitals, and all of them were handled promptly and courteously by VPI. I had questions about "Why this?" and "Why not that?" and they were all answered quickly. What a relief to know that we could focus on getting the best care for her and not on how much it was going to cost this retired couple.

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