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I have had VPI for going on 5 years now. The first year or two I didn't really have to file any claims. Then when my dog did get sick I started sending in the claim forms. It took forever for them to process but I did actually get a decent amount of $ back. Then things really started going downhill. His premiums all of sudden were very high and they listed his broken leg as pre-existing (which they hadn't done before)and wouldn't cover him for hip/leg issues in the future. After this everything started getting rejected. One bill for over $1300 was rejected because they said it was a pre-existing injury. The vet put an IV in his leg (so he could get his teeth cleaned) that had previously been broken and he had an infection from the IV. So, VPI denied it. There have been various other illnesses that they have denied. He got bit by a spider or a scorpion and they denied that as well. Some of them are not explicitly stated in their policy so it is hard to fight back--besides--I never find anyone on the phone that is really that helpful. I sent in paperwork trying to get the $1300 paid and it took them over 4 months to actually reject it. Hours of my time copying paperwork, on the phone with VPI, getting the vet to write a report, sending statement after statement and all for nothing...They asked me for ALL vet statements for the 5 years I have had him. Yeah. Guess I am a little bitter about my experience with this company. I can't wait to get a better company and am willing to pa

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Leg infection
Claim Amount
Over $1000

Rat Terrier

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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