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I have been extremely pleased with Petplan, which I now have for my two dogs. I have the gold plan which has a $200 per incident deductible, 0% copayment per incident, and a 20k per year limit. One of the reasons I chose Petplan was because they don't impose small per incident limits like a lot of other pet insurance companies. That 20K can be used on a number of incidents or just one. I always urge people who are shopping for insurance to consider the per incident limit. If it's only a couple thousand dollars, that can be used up in no time. Having that huge limit leaves room for major illnesses, like cancer.
A few months after getting my pets on Petplan, my dog Lydia was diagnosed with cancer. She's had about 15k worth of cancer treatments in the past 2 years, and most of that has been taken care of by Petplan. (Early on in her treatment I wrote a blog post about how the insurance helped: http://petsitusa.com/blog/?p=1284)

More recently my cat was diagnosed with, and died from, cancer. With her and my dog I've simply paid the bill, submitted the claim form, and then a few weeks later received a reimbursement check. There have never been any delays or problems with payments.

Everyone at Petplan has been wonderful, Amy Bellingrath in particular. She is very kind hearted and goes out of her way to make sure I get the info I need when I need it. And, unlike my personal health insurance company, when I call Petplan she actually knows who I am - and so do many of the o

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Claim Amount
Over $1000

Australian Shepherd

Age of Pet
1 - 8

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