Stay away at all cost. Scumbags is the nicest word to describe them

Out of 10

First lets start with the ease of a claim. They take roughly 3 weeks before they remotely give you any news. Trupanion on the other hand which I use for my other dog is complete in 24-48 hours.

2- They will fight you on EVERYTHING to make sure nothing is covered by them. Then they have fine print for a dogs health issues, after a year it’s considered “pre existing” and no longer covered.

3- ASPCA just rents their name out to a scumbag company. They should be ashamed. I will never donate to ASPCA again, they are just as bad.

Please do your research, use Trupanion, they are dog people. ASPCA and this company are nothing but bottom feeder scumbags.

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Miniature Poodle

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Over 8 years

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