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We had to put down a 7 year old miniature poodle a couple of years ago, when she pancreatitis and diabetes with multiorgan involvement, because we didn't have the funds necessary past an over night ICU stay of over $2000.00. She was SO sick and didn't recognize us. It was a heartbreaking situation worsened by the fact that I could not afford the required treatment for her. I swore that day that I'd never let money be the deciding factor with a pet again. A year later when we got our current toy poodle, I immediately purchased medical coverage for her with Trupanion. I'd done my research ahead of time. So glad I did because she had vomiting and diarrhea out of the blue after she'd been with us for 1 1/2 years. Again, we went to a vet hospital, had special tests, etc.. Memories flooded back in and prayers were answered when Trupanion paid 90% minus a $200 deductible for that bill of $2700.00. They even reimbursed for the prescribed food she needed. Sadly, we've had to follow up with an internist and have an endoscopy with biopsies performed. While we wait for results, Trupanion has already reimbursed $1300.00! My cost for the procedure, tests including x-rays, & the specialist was only $158.00! Their customer support is excellent, so caring, and give clear answers. You can't get quicker service! To some, a monthly premium may seem costly, but for me, compared to the monetary and emotional cost of loosing a beloved pet, it is a God send. I will continue to use Trupanion and recommend it to everyone I know who cares for their pets. I can not say thank you enough!

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