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I have had VPI for over 11 years on three of my dogs. My black lab passed away last year at almost 15 years. At about 7 years I just happen to add the cancer policy and it surely paid off when Clancy was diagnosed with melanoma some years later. Over three years he was diagnosed with three different types of cancer and underwent many, many surgeries as well as chemo and some very new treatments. There is no way I could have ever afforded all his medical treatments without the help of the insurance. I estimate that nearly $40,000 was spent over his life time as he also had numerous ear infections and largenal paralysis surgery and an ACL tear. There were times when I had to call and explain the treatment and ask why it wasn't covered and at times the company needed more diagnostic paperwork and sometimes the checks seemed to take quite a while to receive but all in all it has been a good investment. I continue to have coverage on my other two and recently adopted a rescue and also added him to the coverage. These days vets are so expensive and this does help.

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