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I bought pet insurance for my husky mix 2 years ago because I knew I could not afford vet bills if something major happened. I got basic accidental insurance and I am happy with the rate. My dog recently tore his ACL and needed surgery to fix it. I paid the bill, submitted it to the pet insurance company, and received a check a couple weeks later. It was easy and I found the customer service reps were friendly and helpful. I only have a few complaints.
First, I did not receive the total allowance for my vet bills and still ended up paying $600. The reason was because they said the cost was too high and I could have gotten it cheaper at a different office. However, I visited 4 vets in my area and I went with the vet that charged the least amount. I'm not sure how it could have been any cheaper, as there are only two orthopedic vets in about a 100 mile radius of me and both charge the same fee (the difference in the amounts was the vet office fees for x-rays, etc), but at least I got most of the surgery covered.

My second complaint is that certain injuries are not covered until you are with the insurance company for an allotted amount of time. I was lucky that injury did not occur a few months early, as I would not have been covered, even though I was way past the normal 12 month mark.

However I will continue to insure my dog with ASPCA.

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