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For four years, I had pet insurance and thought that having it meant I was a responsible dog owner to my beloved Aussie/Rotty mix. That was...until I had to file a major claim for orthopedic surgery and found out that I had been very ill-advised. I only received back about 20% of my total expense for major surgery. I switched immediately to PetPlan and within just a few months, my poor dog faced with another major surgery. This time I received back about 70% of what I paid out of pocket. I would have received even more but I chose to take my dog to a university teaching hospital. PetPlan customer service was nothing short of stellar, and my only regret is that I did not have this policy sooner. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having your pet covered for major expenses. You NEVER know what could happen. I recently adopted a new shelter puppy and had her signed up with PetPlan literally before she even got home. You will never regret having this policy, even if all it ever gives you is peace of mind (and I do hope that is the case).

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