VPI should issue coupons instead of checks.

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During the sign up period, they have these great reviews from "real customers" that tell how great they are. The reviews list cost examples that show VPI reimbursing a great percentage of he cost to the customers. This is the furthest from the truth!! They will reimburse you for such a small percentage that it is not worth the hassle of putting in claims, leaving you with a large vet bill. Their benefit schedule is so outdated, it's pathetic! It's like ordering from a menu. "Yes, I'll take one broken leg for 200 dollars please." You have to know ahead of treatment which injury or ailment you can afford to loose money on. Who knows that during an emergency situation? VPI should be a discount company, not insurance. VPI is terrible, I wouldn't recommend them to my worst enemy! Anyone who gives them a high rating needs to have their head examined! I am going to cancel as soon as possible! This company is very misleading. A good name to submit to the BBB.

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Posted: 04/02/2010

Phillip, I ran into the same issue as you. I was lucky in that I have only had my two Goldens covered for just over a year. My claim was small and found out the scheduled payouts will not ever cover any of the true cost. So I did not get hit with any big issue. So I cancelled. But many unfortunate people will find out the hard way. This company should be called Supplemental Insurance. It should only assist in covering the deductible/coinsurance from a real insurance policy.