VetInsurance Keeps Their Promise

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At the onset of Sierra's injury (cut-off achilles tendon on hind leg) we all hoped for the best. But as the bad news kept coming and the Vet bills started stacking we were truly scared of what was happenning to our lovely 4 year old Wiemarener and also to our household finances. The multiple surgeries and the complications were staggering. For us, this was a life event. As bills (almost 9K in total) kept coming we became somewhat nervous that VetInsurance would find some loophole and stop paying for their portion of the bills. Fortunately our nervousness was unjustified and VetInsurance kept their end of the bargain. As a result we are certainly one of VetInsurance biggest supporters and cannot emphasize enough how the insurance saved us from making really tough desicions. Pet insurance is a must. VetInsurance kept their promise. Jeff & Karin in Vancouver

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