Raisins!!!...Why we have pet insurance.

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Our 6 month old Brittany somehow obtained a large canister of raisins and was seen running around the backyard tossing around the canister. We assumed she ate them all since it was empty. Vet said that raisins/grapes can be toxic to "some dogs" and that the problem with taking your chances is that if your dog is one of those "some dogs" it will likely be too late to save her by the time she develops symptoms and she'll likely die of kidney failure. Took her to the Animal Hospital after-hours as per their suggestion. The vet there said the same thing and suggested charcoal treatment, IV's to flush out her system and quite a few other interventions. The vet said she would have to stay there for at least 48 hours to see if she had any systems and for them to be able to check her kidney functioning. It was all quite traumatic and also sounded very expensive. I knew we had Petplan and thought, well...this is why we have insurance. After I approved the treatment, they gave her a shot to make her throw up. The vet brought out a cantaloupe-sized bag of expanding-raisins that were in our dog's stomache. She definitely ate a lot.

So, our pup was released in good health after a couple of days, and we paid the exceedingly large animal hospital bill (over $1600), I submitted the claim and hoped for the best since it was the first time we tried to use the insurance. I was able to monitor the status of the claim online. It took just a few days longer than I expected, but the claim was processed and we were notified that a check was on the way. (They didn't say the amount of the check.)

When the check arrived, the amount was exactly as the policy stated! (They covered 80% of the amount of the bill I submitted, minus my chosen policy deductible.)

A week or so later, we had a scare with our pup's GI system that could have been related to the raisin incident and had to go back to the vet for another kidney function check...another bill over $200. Since the incident was related to the original raisin incident, the deductible did not apply and Petplan paid 80% of that charge.

And, that's what having insurance is supposed to be like!

I wish humans could get this kind of of service! Highly Recommended.

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